Disc Golf Scavenger Hunt

Use the riddles provided to locate and photograph the hidden disc golf medallion on one of our regional courses.

There are 8 regional courses highlighted on the  “NE Tennessee/SW Virginia course info and maps” tab on this website. 6 of the 8 courses are used in the Scavenger Hunt.

The first person to turn in a photo of the medallion will win a special prize from Premier Design Disc Golf. Photos may ONLY be turned in via email!! Only pics sent by email are eligible to win.  Send pic to premierdesigndg@gmail.com.

There are 6 riddles. Each riddle has a different prize attached to it. Solve the riddle, win the prize!

The riddles are arranged like this; the first part of the riddle will lead you to a specific course. The second part of the riddle will lead you to a specific area on that course. The medallion will be hidden within a 50 ft radius of the specific area described in the second half of the riddle.

Course knowledge, common sense, and obscure reference knowledge are all needed to solve the riddles!

The riddles must be solved in order! Start with Riddle # 1.

Scavenger Hunt will begin on Tuesday, July 17.

The winner of each riddle will be announced on Facebook. When Riddle # 1 is solved, the medallion for Riddle # 2 will be placed.

The medallions are the PDGA dog tags that you get each year when you renew PDGA membership. Riddle # 1’s medallion is Orange.

Medallion #1

Riddle # 1

Riddle # 2

Riddle # 3

Riddle # 4

Riddle # 5

Riddle # 6