Disc Golf Scavenger Hunt




Use the riddles provided to locate the specific object in question on one of our regional courses.

6 of our local, premier courses will be used in the Scavenger Hunt.

There are 6 riddles. The first person to solve each riddle will win a free disc!

The riddles are arranged like this; the first part of the riddle will lead you to a specific course. The second part of the riddle will lead you to a specific object on that course.

In each riddle, there is a word that is a big clue to the location of each object. These words are located in the second half of each riddle. Some may be obvious, some may not.

Course knowledge, common sense, and obscure reference knowledge are all needed to solve the riddles.

Each object in question is bigger than a breadbox, smaller than a car. The object may or may not be a disc golf specific object.

Riddle # 1 – Solved by April Gilliam. Answer? The long anchor on Hole 18 at Sugar Hollow.

Riddle # 2 – Solved by Amy Canter. Answer? The old tee pad on Hole 13 at Borden Park.

Riddle # 3 – Solved by Spencer Dobson. Answer? The long position anchor on Hole 23 at Warriors Path.

Riddle # 4

Riddle # 5

Riddle # 6